lundi 14 novembre 2011


For years, I have been the savior of this town.

A sign in the sky and the hope could reborn
The vilains would instantly piss in their pants
And no one could doubt they'd be punished in the end

But shit happens, my friends and today I am broke
My valet had to leave and he thinks I'm a joke

So tell me, who's gonna save me? I need your charity.
You wouldn't believe how much fuel my fuckin' machine needs
I could always find a flat downtown but that means troubles for my neighborhood

Yes, I would, but that bitch Vicky Vale got my skin,
The fancy fur coats and the new french cuisine
And my shares went down and my libido too
If I don't feel strong there is not much I can do

But everyone found a little spare time
To put mama's jewelry on a bail for a while
And my account got better at once
I hired my valet back and my partner too
The bills were paid so let there be light
It's uneasy to have to change your suit in the dark
The stockholders aren't meant to fight crime
I'll keep that in mind, next time at the old racing track